Artificial Christmas Trees – A New Christmas Tradition?

artifical Christmas treesTree Classics

I recently found this instagram about artifical Christmas trees. I know from my own experiences of buying Christmas trees that I now go for an artifical one everytime. Mty personal reasons are firstly, they are very cost effective. I store mine in my attic when the 12 days of Christmas are up and lovelingly get it down every year and put it together with the children and have great fun decorating it. Secondly, NO SHEDDING NEEDLES…! Oh joy! and thirdly, they are sooo realistic these days. Nobody can tell the difference until they get up close and examine it. Finally, there are so many types of fir trees, sizes and colors there is always the perfect tree for every home, decor and family.

This instagram has been provided by Tree Classics 120x60


Real vs Fake Christmas Tree Facts

Every Christmas tradition begins somewhere, and those of us who follow Christmas tree trends know that more and more families are building their holiday traditions around artificial Christmas trees. If you’re thinking of starting a family tradition of your own, consider buying a Pre Lit Christmas Tree from Tree Classics and start making holiday memories that will last year after year.

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