Artificial Christmas Trees with LED Lights

Artificial Christmas Trees with LED lights

I’ve been looking for an artificial Christmas trees with LED lights this Christmas. I became so fed up with having to clear up dead pine needles from round my Christmas tree last year and not to mention the deposing of it!

After hunting around the internet I came across these beautiful realistic Christmas trees sold by I noticed that they have excellent reviews and many of their artificial Christmas trees come complete with lights.

This sold me! I always have great difficulty untangling my tree lights, finding the bulb that does not work and arranging them as prettily as I like them on the tree. Do you have this problem too? Well now I found an excellent answer to this. (Personally I have plumed for a lovely Fraser fir artificial Christmas tree. They look so realistic and very seasonal). And of course, I don’t have to buy a Christmas tree for at least 10 years! Their artificial Christmas trees with led lights have a 10 year guarantee.

They have provided loads of information and details of their Christmas trees, so please click here.

Have a look at the selection below that I have chosen for you. They really are very natural looking and very labour saving…! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

BH Fraser Fir Flip Tree™Vermont White Spruce™ NarrowClassic White Christmas TreeBH Noble Fir Flip Tree™Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen™Potted Colorado Mountain Spruce™

Still wondering if a Balsam Hill artifical Christmas Tree is the right one for you, still need more information? Then check out these two videos from Balsam Hill.

The first will give you more information and the second shows you how to set up their trees

True Needle Foliage Christmas Tree Video from Balsam Hill

How To Set Up Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Trees






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