The Best 8 Secrets to Having the Ultimate ‘Shabby Chic‘ Style for Your Home

Just think of a lovely summer’s day in a country cottage with the windows and doors open with a gently breeze blowing through and the smell of roses, cut grass and birdsong and you will nail the shabby chic style and ambiance… This is very useful if you are looking for rustic shabby chic home decor.
shabby chic rustic decorI really love rustic shabby chic décor as it reminds me of my childhood when I lived with my Grandparents on our farm in a typical English cottage. My Grandmother had all her Victorian lace (which she had made herself as a young girl for her ‘bottom drawer) on her bedding, dressing table and curtains. Lovely white painted furniture and roses were everywhere. (My Grandfather never complained). I think he liked it too. It was such a lovely room to sleep in.
shabby chic bedroom ideas

The best 8 secrets to having the ultimate ‘Shabby Chic ‘style for your home:

  • It has to have a very ‘clean romantic soft’ look. In other words – faded elegance.
  • Pastel colors of white, green, cream, pink, yellow,beige, grey and blue are the range of hues to use.
  • Victorian lace, especially Nottingham lace, really is a ‘must’. Lots of it on accessories and accents.
  • Use soft colored flowers, roses of courses are number one on the list.
  • Furniture and accents, especially chairs, tables, shelves etc. must have a worn or distressed look.
  • Fabrics with stripes and flowers are especially suitable for curtains, throws and bedding. (Gingham and polka dots are really lovely if it is the rustic country cottage shabby chic look you are after).
  • Romantic and elegant chandeliers, candelabras  and sconces with plenty of sparkle.
  • Plates and porcelain/china vases etc with a Victoriana emphasis fit extremely well into the shabby chic style of decor.

Here are three videos which I hope will give you some fantastic ideas for ‘Shabby Chicing’ your home. Please enjoy!

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