Contemporary Chandeliers for the Foyer

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Contemporary Chandeliers for the Foyer

Looking for contemporary chandeliers for the foyer? Not sure which type of chandelier would suit your home? Well let us help you find that perfect contemporary chandelier that will compliment your chosen decor. We have a superb selection for you here and loads of useful and essential hints and tips.

Where to Begin

Contemporary Chandeliers for the Foyer Are you imagining a beautiful modern chandelier hanging majestically in your foyer or entry? Of  course you are or you wouldn’t be here!  Suddenly questions and more questions pop into your head. Where do you to begin!. How do you decide exactly which type of modern contemporary chandelier is suitable for your foyer and so on and so on… (A small tips here…Have a good look through home decor magazines…a fantastic resource as lighting options, wonderful pictures, articles and projects are often featured).

It is so important that you make the right decisions as excellent quality, great value, energy effective entryway chandeliers need quite a bit of monetary investment, but most of all it must be a piece of home lightening that gives you all you want in your home and life.

So firstly,it is important to realise that your foyer or entry sets the stage for the rest of your home. To ensure that you create the right style and ambiance foyers and entryways need to be warm, bright and cheerful. This will create a lovely welcoming feel in your home whether you have a traditional, modern, contemporary, or quirky chandelier hanging in your foyer or entryway.

I recently found this article from AGT Stores that gives very interesting advice on how to choose foyer lighting that will certainly help you.


“When selecting the proper foyer lighting, it’s important to take into consideration the scale of the space, and the style of the home. If you have a large foyer with a high ceiling, a decorative chandelier can be an attractive focal point. However if your foyer is smaller, use a mini chandelier or mount a semi-flush light fixture to the ceiling.

Calculate Size

The first consideration when selecting foyer lighting is size. The light should not overwhelm the space but should provide an attractive focal point. Measure the length, width and height of your space. If you have an existing light in your foyer, measure this as well and use it as a point of reference.

To calculate the approximate size for your space, add the width of the space to the length of the space in feet. The sum of these numbers will give you the approximate diameter for a foyer light in inches. Compare this number to your existing light to get an idea of the scale and adjust accordingly.

This chandelier size chart gives you excellent visual aid in ensuring that you purchase the correct chandelier for the room you intend to hang it.

Chandelier size chart

Hang Carefully

Choosing how high and where to hang your lights can make a big difference in how your foyer is lit and looks. A general rule of hanging lights, such as chandeliers, is to have them sit seven feet above the floor. However, it is less important to closely follow this rule in a foyer than it would be in a dining room. Consider where you want the light to make an impression. If you have a split staircase with a landing at the top, you may want to hang your foyer light higher than seven feet so it is the focal point from the landing.

What about WEIGHT

This must be taken into consideration. Large chandeliers are very suitable for large rooms, especially a 2 story room such as a large foyer or entryway but they do require good support but small or medium foyers and entryways usually only are able to support lighter chandeliers and fixtures. So please, bear this mind. I have read that it is recommended that if the chandelier is heavier than forty pounds it must be correctly secured into the ceiling structure. If in doubt about your DIY skills it is best to have an Electrician fit it for you. (As I had no electrical knowledge I employed an Electrian to fit my chandelier for me which has given me peace of mind as I know my chandelier complies with all safety regulations and is securely fitted.)

Popular home decor and more!To be alone or not to be alone

I have read a number of articles about the best style and decor for foyers and entryways. And it seems that not only is lighting essential but also important to add suitable accessories such as ceiling medallions for instance. But chandeliers should not be alone so that they dominate the room. So add a suitably styled table lamp on an appropriate table that fits into the foyer or a floor lamp. Also try to obtain pearlised light bulbs as this softens the glow and gives a more welcoming warmer light. If this is not possible use Dimmer Switches. I think these type of light switches are just perfect for any room and are energy saving too. (I have them all around my home.)

Need more usefull information about Chandeliers?

I have added this video so that you will have more important information to hand before you choose your foyer chandelier from the selection below.


 A selection of six high quality, beautifully designed contemporary chandeliers.

I have tried to envisage the types of Contemporary Chandeliers for the Foyer that would interest you.  I have a chandelier in my foyer and I just love it.  During the day when the sun shines throught the glass in my front door the glass beads and brass light holders just sparkle and give my entry way a wonderfully warm welcoming ambiance.  But the highlight of having a foyer chandelier is when it is lit in the evenings!  The effect is just dazzling, elegant and beautiful.  I cannot imagine my home without my foyer chandelier.  (I must add,I did spend quite alot of money to get the chandelier I wanted and I don’t regret parting with my hard earned cash to own my own contemporary chandelier).

I hope you agree with me that these foyer chandeliers will inspire you and that you will find that perfect foyer chandelier for your home below.

Contemporary Chandlers for Foyer

A Selection of Contemporary Chandeliers

Barrel Chandelier design by Cyan DesignBarrel Chandelier design by Cyan DesignRondeau Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyRondeau Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyCompass Rectangular Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyCompass Rectangular Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyPenmere Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyPenmere Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyLarge Catesby Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyLarge Catesby Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyOyster Circle Chandelier design by Currey & CompanyOyster Circle Chandelier design by Currey & Company


For more contemporary chandlier for the foyer ideas

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