Ironing 101 – A Survival Guide for College Students

Ironing 101 – A Survival Guide for College StudentsSo exactly what does Ironing 101 – A Survival Guide for College Students advise?

Well the trick about ironing while in college or in fact anywhere where you live is not to avoid it. The grunge look is long gone and if you want to make sure that you attend classes not looking like you’ve just got of bed (even though it may be true) the best thing is to look around at some of the Rowenta irons on sale.

If you need to have something ironed in a hurry before that early morning class, you either need to have a fabulous roommate or get busy with an easy use iron yourself. Invest in a good steam iron and you’ll be able to iron a shirt your mother would be proud to wear. The step to easy ironing that saves time is to fill it up with plain water and plug it in. While you wait for it to heat up, you can grab a bowl of breakfast to save time.

Life Saving Ironing Tips!

Always check the label on the garment that you want to iron. They are there for a reason and if you follow the ironing instructions on the label, you shouldn’t end up with a burnt shirt. Burnt shirts are usually caused by people who leave the iron on the shirt while answering the phone. It’s as simple as that. When you are ironing, keep the iron moving at all times over the fabric of the item you are ironing. Stretch the item of clothing over the ironing board so you save time by not ironing any more wrinkles into the garment. This is particularly important when you’re ironing a collared shirt.

Best Tips for Ironing Jeans,Sweatshirts and Shirts

How to Iron Jeans

The Perfectly Ironed Sweat Shirt

And Now the Shirt

The quickest way to iron a shirt with a collar and long sleeves is to get the order right. Do the collar first and then the cuffs. After that you can iron the sleeves and then finally the back and the front of the shirt. If you get really good at it you can even iron a shirt in about two minutes flat. Choose a value for money iron from the large selection of Rowenta irons on sale and you’ll always be able to make your first class, on time and looking great. That is of course if you don’t hit ‘snooze’ on the alarm clock!

I hope that you now have all the info you need to help you tackle that creased and wrinkled shirt,T shirt, jeans and sweatshirt waiting in the laundry basket. Ironing your clothes is really not that daunting if you follow the instructions in the above videos. But the really important thing to remember is: BUY A GOOD QUALITY STEAM IRON. A steam iron is one of the vital tool and it is so important that you buy the best one for you so check out a selection of great value, excellent quality Rowenta Irons here.

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