Willow Tree Nativity Set – A Christmas Gift 2015

Willow Tree Nativity SetWillow Tree Nativity Set

Welcome to this review of the Willow Tree Nativity Set – Christmas Gift 2015.

On this page you will find a complete review of this beautiful Christmas gift nativity set by Willow Tree and we will also tell you a little bit about what it is, what the good points are, and what the customer opinions are.

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What exactly is the Christmas Nativity Set?

Here is the main overview of its features:

• 6-Piece set, tallest figurine is 9.5-Inch
• Behold the awe and wonder of the Christmas story
• Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. avoid water or cleaning solvents
• Arrives in a gift box

The Willow Tree Nativity Set

The Willow Tree Nativity Set comprises of 6 pieces of 9.5” figurines presented in an original Willow Tree gift box. This timeless classic, sculptured by Susan Lordi, portrays the enduring much loved story of the nativity.

This nativity set is perfect as a gift or an addition to any Willow Tree collection. Imagine the truly wonderful sight of this Christmas Nativity Set placed on your table top or under your Christmas tree.

Each piece is although delicately sculptured has a rustic realism which give the figurines a look and feel of understated naturalness which reflects the message of the Holy Family and of Jesus. The figures are hand painted in neutral colors making them very suitable for any décor or color scheme

The Willow Tree Nativity Set enhances and completes the aura of Christmas time, family and unity with the celebration of the the birth of Jesus.

Keeping ornaments etc free of dust can be a real bind but luckly these pieces are easily dusted with a soft cloth, soft brush, or feather duster which is a real plus and time saver.

Willow TREE Nativity Story by Susan Lordi

Customer Opinion:


My research has shown that over 90% of customers have given the Willow Tree Nativity Set 5 stars

The Willow Tree Nativity Set is listed as number 1 in the Best Sellers in Nativity Tabletop Scenes category on Amazon.

Time and time again customers emphasised the peacefulness and exceptional crafting of the figurines:
‘Helps put Christ back in Christmas and is for all year.’

‘It is so peaceful for me to sit on a snowy night during the Christmas season and look and listen to Christian items and music. this will complement my home. Willow Tree is just so detailed, and figures are so peaceful looking. This nativity scene will be up all the time, for us it’s not just for Christmas, but all year.’

‘Beautiful Nativity Set… 5 stars’

‘This Willow Tree nativity set is simply beautiful; very peaceful looking. The quality is nice. I’m so glad I ordered it and Amazon has a great price.’

‘I love Christmas and bought the Nativity set finally in 2013. I am so happy with it; it is a good reminder to us to remember the real Gift that came from heaven.’


‘The set is quite beautiful. Bought for my daughter. Nicely sealed. She opened Christmas warning. It said before you open read the warning. Do not remove Joseph by the staf. She opened it and the staf was already broken. Too much of a hassel to send back. Not attached very well. We will repair ourselves.’


So as you can see customers of the Willow Tree Nativity Set report a very positive view of this collectable Christmas Nativity figurine set by voting over 90% satisfaction and awarding 5 stars.

My personal comment.

Having been given the Willow Tree Close to Me Musical figurine for Mothers Day by my eldest daughter I can personally testify to the quality and beauty of these figurines and the joy and pleasure it has given me.  Being given any one of the Willow Tree collection as a gift I feel, can be truly be said to come from the heart of the giver.  So cannot Christmas be the best time to give the Willow Tree Nativity Set as a gift to that special person or family in your life?


So take advantage of this fantastic Christmas gift at a great price and pick up the Willow Tree Nativity Set a number 1 best seller – at Amazon.com.




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