Everything You Need to Know About Bead Blasting

There are plenty of methods that companies use when it comes to applying the finishing on the surface of any machine or any other piece of equipment. Surface finishing is required for many reasons; it is needed for roughening up a smoother surface, or vice versa. However, understanding the method used by the company for applying the surface finish varies. One of the most common methods used is abrasive blasting.

Abrasive blasting or bead blasting are both essentially the same thing. In some cases, it’s also known as sand blasting. The process involves projecting any “coarse” form of media onto a surface to remove contaminants and roughen it up. The bead blasting process can be used on any substrate such as aluminium or stainless steel. Many other substrates can also be used for bead blasting.

How Is Bead Blasting Done?

Bead blasting is one of the many forms of abrasive blasting. There are many companies that offer bead blasting in Perth. The process is used for removing surface deposits by applying fine glass beads at a very high pressure over the surface. Care is taken by the professionals to ensure that the surface doesn’t get damaged due to the bead blasting process. Bead blasting has many practical applications. It is used for removing the calcium deposits that settle on pool tiles and many other tiled surfaces. Apart from that, it can be used for brightening the colour of grout in the exposed tiles that are installed outdoors. Over time, these tiles tend to get very dirty, and bead blasting can be used to clean them. Embedded fungus in many parts of an exposed surface can also be removed through the bead blasting process.

Another application where bead blasting is preferred is when removing the body paint of an automobile. Sand blasting creates a much greater surface profile when compared with bead blasting, which is why it is a preferred choice. Companies that want to create a smoother profile on machined parts also prefer bead blasting because it provides a more uniform finish. If a particular surface has become quite dirty, bead blasting is mainly used for cleaning the surface and removing any particles that have become hard over time.

Setting an Appointment

If you want to get any surface bead blasted in your factory, you will first need to search for a local company that offers bead blasting services. There are a number of different companies that offer bead blasting services to their clients. The costs generally vary, depending upon the overall area to be covered. It’s highly recommended that you ask for quotes from several companies in the region when making your decision. Bead blasting should be done when the factory is not in use, but the equipment will have to be covered before work begins. Ideally, the work can be completed within a short timeframe. You can discuss the payment with the company when making your decision.