How To Prevent Carpenter Ants?

There is hardly anyone who would appreciate watching the large black ants crawling down the wall in a queue and entering their electronic device to feed in the wires. This is a common picture in most households and when things just go out of their hands, people start calling the specialists for eliminating the fourmis charpentières or the carpenter ants. But there are some preventives that homeowners should try to follow so that they don’t have to suffer from the fast and aggressive conquering of the carpenter ants.

Here a list of preventive measures you can take to stop the carpenter ants to destroy your home—

Stop the moisture and leaks

The best way to prohibit the carpenter ants starts with your home maintenance. You shouldn’t allow any place of your home to get dampen as the ants grow at the damped areas. So, if anywhere near the pipes of the pump, you find the traces of damps, you should try to fix it right now for drying up the place. Ants are prone to breed in the moist and damp environments.

Maintain your house

From the roofs to the foundations, it’s mandatory to maintain your house. Don’t let ant leakage from the roof as well as a small hole in the foundation to remain like that because through these points the ants start moving in and gradually can destroy the roof as well as the foundations. Particularly, you should be extra careful if you live in a wooden house. Make sure, you always paint the foundations by adding anti insect ingredients for not allowing the ants to dig into it and jeopardize the foundation of your house.

Home insulation

Proper insulation of the house is mandatory. Inspect the property with the help of a professional and insulate all the small pores for restricting any insect as well as the carpenter ants to stop entering the home from any source.

Disinfect the firewood before bringing them inside

If you store firewood inside your room, you should disinfect the woods first before bringing them inside. Often you may not have any insect or ant in your home but some may come from the place where you bring the firewood. So, make sure you have used the spray on the firewood before taking inside by the fireplace.

Remove the clutter from the home and use a good spray to keep the place safe from the ants.