Quality Hardwood for Internal and External Applications

If you are starting a new project at home, picking out your materials is one of the most important decisions that you are going to make.

The materials not only determine how something looks, but they are also largely responsible for how long a feature lasts and how well it retains its quality. In the case of flooring or decking, which might be exposed to heavy foot traffic or weather, you will need materials that can withstand the abuse. Even non-flooring wooden features should be carefully considered.

There is a lot of benefit in going with hardwood over other products, especially in terms of flooring, but when you buy from a hardwood specialist, you can have your wood cut to all sorts of different sizes.

Hardwood for Indoors or Outdoors

Whether it’s your indoor flooring, your exterior deck, or another wooden feature, you can find high-quality hardwood that will get the job done.

Hardwood in Brisbane comes in many different forms, but when you purchase your materials from a hardwood specialist, they will be knowledgeable enough to walk you through all of the different options. You can get hardwood for architectural purposes, bollards & rails, fencing, decking & flooring, and weatherboards, among other things.

Hardwood Overlay Flooring

For flooring, you may also be able to choose overlay flooring, which, for certain applications, is ideal. While hardwood can be placed straight over the floor beams, overlay flooring is thinner and therefore requires a stronger base. Typically, this means that there is already an existing floor or a concrete base, so the material you choose will depend on what you are working with.

Hardware and Other Services

When you purchase your materials from hardwood specialists, you will get all of the assistance and advice that you need to be successful.

Additionally, your suppliers can supply different hardware so that you are well-prepared for the job. You can typically find everything from nails to concrete, and your hardwood specialists will offer a number of other services such as material sourcing. If they don’t carry what you are looking for, they can find it for you, and most hardwood suppliers will be able to deliver the flooring to you, as well. Other services might include timber sizing, ripping, or docking.

Benefits of Choosing Hardwood

Hardwood possesses a number of qualities that other materials don’t have. Due to the strength and durability, hardwood makes an excellent long-term investment, and when you choose a good material, you can generally keep maintenance costs low.

When you buy from a hardwood specialist, they can advise on the care of your hardwood and help you get what you need to protect your hardwood from weather. Hardwood is also easy to clean, often easy to install, and available in a wide variety of styles, colours, stains, and species. Indoor hardwood can provide better acoustics and help keep indoor air quality at a high level.

Hardwood features can also increase the value of your home, so if you need timber, don’t hesitate to ask your hardwood specialists about the different options.