Tips for Installing a New Balustrade

Balustrades can really add a whole new touch of elegance to your house. A balustrade is basically a railing that’s supported by balusters. It’s usually installed around a terrace, a balcony, or on the sides of a bridge as well. Balustrades can also be fixed on the sides of a staircase. There are hundreds of different kinds of balustrades that you can choose from, and some of the most expensive ones can easily cost upwards of thousands of dollars. If you are interested in installing a new balustrade in your house, here are a few simple tips that you should follow.

Choose a Suitable Design

First and foremost, you need to choose a suitable design for the balustrade. If the interior of your house generally has a contemporary outlook, it will be better if you choose a balustrade that fits in seamlessly. Most of the companies that sell balustrading in Perth have a variety of options for you to consider. Some are contemporary, while others have a more classic, ornamental design. You can check their website or visit their showroom to compare numerous options. It’s very important that you make a shortlist of suitable designs that you can choose from. Otherwise, there’s a big risk that you will end up buying something that doesn’t fit in well with the interior of your house.

Compare Prices

The prices of different balustrades usually vary based on a number of factors. The most important factor is obviously the material used in manufacturing the balustrade. Certain materials, such as crystal or wood, is obviously more expensive. Other materials, such as PVC or vinyl, are less expensive. The material you choose will obviously play an important role in the overall aesthetic appeal offered by the balustrade.

For instance, a frameless glass balustrade outside in the terrace will add a touch of class to your house. The glass is also incredibly durable so you don’t have to worry about spending a penny on repairs or worry about cracks appearing in the balustrades either. You have to compare prices charged by multiple companies when making your decision. Do not spend more than necessary on the balustrades. Before the company can give you a quote, they are going to need measurements for the length of the area which will be covered by the balustrades. You can set an appointment with them and have them visit to get you a more accurate figure.


It’s important that you factor in the costs of installation as well. When you talk to the company about the prices of their balustrades, you should also ask them about how much they will charge for installing the balustrades. The company will give you a quote based on the extent of coverage and the length of the balustrades. Bigger balustrades will obviously cost more money. It’s important that you discuss these things with the employees and then set a date and time where the balustrades can be fixed in your house.