When to Hire a Land Surveyor

If you have never used a land surveyor before, you might not even understand what they do, let alone understand when and how to hire one. Defining a land surveyor isn’t necessarily easy, as there are many different types of surveyors. In general, these are professionals that interpret the details, or gather information about, and mark the boundaries of various properties, and they do so not only for the benefit of the person who hired them, but for the benefit of society as a whole.

There are a handful of reasons to hire a land surveyor, and some of the most common reasons include:

  • When you are buying or selling land
  • When you are building
  • When you are subdividing
  • When you are getting a mortgage
  • When you are refinancing

Different individuals may have their own reasons for hiring a land surveyor, and some people do it simply for their own assurance.

Selling or Purchasing Land

The more you know about the land you are buying, the more informed your decisions will be. Alternatively, if you are selling a land, you want to be aware of all of the details so that you can be honest and open with potential buyers. Buyers may even want to see an up-to-date land survey prior to making a purchase.

A land survey in this respect will tell you a variety of things. Residential surveyors can tell you whether or not there are other parties that are entitled to use, or make partial use of, your property. Surveyors can also create a map that plots all of the trees, structures, gardens, embankments, and other features on the property. You are also trying to find out if the deed accurately describes the land.

For the buyer, an up-to-date survey allows them to solidify a mortgage and make a purchase confidently knowing the full details of the property.

When Building Various Structures

Whenever you are building a building, fences, or additions, it’s important to have your land surveyed. The primary reason is to prevent legal issues associated with building onto somebody else’s property. Land surveyors determine your property’s boundaries so that you can build without getting yourself into trouble.


If you are planning on subdividing the property, surveyors will make sure that you do everything legally and accurately. They can help you draft an accurate subdivision plan by consulting with the necessary parties and learning about any engineering or environmental issues. They can also help you prepare the final plans.

When Dealing with Mortgages

Whenever you are applying for a mortgage or refinancing, your lenders might require that you have an up-to-date property survey available. They will want a survey because they are trying to protect their investment, and mortgage lenders want to be sure that the land and buildings described in the documents are accurate, but your surveyors will also uncover any issues that conflict with the mortgage or the lender’s interests.

You may want to call a surveyor if you are worried about the property, if you are buying an old property, if the building is listed, or if you simply want some assurance.